Tried and true bucket kit that's light- and moisture-proof, keeping your plants in the safest environment.

Moisture Seal

Nutrient Solutions

Includes complete nutrient solutions, ensuring rapid growth for both vegetative and flowering stages.

Trusted Experts

Includes detailed assembly instructions so you can start growing in less than an hour with expert guidance

Bubbler System

Discreet and quiet air pump with water-resistant air stone to provide healthy roots and higher yields.

The All-In-One, Easy To Assemble Hydroponics System For New Growers Wanting To Grow Their First Plant

The Beginner's Grow Kit

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Everything You Need to Grow Your First Plant
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Save Dough When You Grow

We have taken our decades of experience as the southwest's premier Hydroponics store and grow consultancy, to create the only single-plant grow kit you'll need to start growing.

Your 5-gallon bucket is a tried and true hydroponics system that takes the guesswork out...


What's Included


The Botanicare CNS17 Grow and CNS17 Bloom are easy to use, all-in-one nutrient solutions...

You'll receive four 1” Grodan Rockwool cube starters to drop in your seedlings to get them...

Rockwool Starter

The Eco Air 1 Single output air pump is ultra quiet, water resistant, and comes with...

Air Pump



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